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COVID19 – We are open and currently operating zero contact, from our chefs hatch on Dame Street. Choose delivery or collection service. This is available through our link ORDER ONLINE on the following days

Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun 1-10pm

Due to strict staffing & distancing safety guidelines, we have gone one step further and accommodated our Pizzaiolo directly above the restaurant in our guesthouse. He is self isolating and baking our sourdough pizza and fresh breads at 500°C with natural oak and beech wood flavours. Woodfire Pizza has never been so safe!

Italy has been hit hard by this pandemic and although our chefs have been living in Ireland, we are taking extreme caution. We understand the severity of this crisis back home and now here on Irish shores. We are committed to preparing a limited number of pizza and meal deals for maximum safety.

Book a time slot and choose deliver or collect or pre-order, we promise to keep a 2 metre distance and all payments are by card.

Now offering our own fast track safe drivers! Have you ever had meals delivered and it looked like a car crash? We were concerned about delivery companies staff training procedures during this pandemic and have now fully trained our own safe driver for all our website orders, alcohol gel guaranteed for each drop off. All orders placed direct from our delivery tab are fast tracked in no-time.

We can’t wait to get back to normal, but in the meantime let us keep you safe in the comfort of your own home. We sincerely appreciate your custom, doing it this way will ensure that we can keep front line staff safe, hold on to our Authentic Naples approved Pizza and our wonderful customers, for as long as we can.

Grazie mille

Team Forno 500°


500°’s Restaurant, Bar and Pizzeria specialises in the True Neapolitan sour dough Pizza, homemade fresh pasta, & desserts.

Pizza is Naples unrivaled culinary masterpiece – The team at Forno 500° take our wood-fire pizza very seriously. Our oven (Forno) has been specifically built by respected Artisans from Naples,  These Artisans were flown into Ireland and accommodated here in Dublin. An ancient style wood burning oven using old world Neapolitan techniques took two weeks to build.

Since then we were honoured to be awarded the first accreditation in Ireland following a surprise inspection from Naples. We have made the Associazione Verace Pizza Napolitana (AVPN) list and became restaurant 707 to join this prestigious list of top pizzerias world wide. Our award stands proud in our window today.

We are dedicated to spreading the culture and traditions of the real (Vera) wood-fired Neapolitan pizza and can create that soft, light and airy dough with true smoky oak flavour from our wood burning oven. True Neapolitan pizzas are made with double zero flour, hand crushed San Marzano DOP tomatoes (grown at the foothills of Mount Vesuvius), and fior di latte (milky strips of fresh mozzarella) from Campagna. In Naples (as well as according to AVPN guidelines), fresh basil & extra virgin olive oil is placed on top of the pizza. Neapolitan pizza and the crust is expected to be lightly charred, slightly chewy, and soft in the centre.

A true Neapolitan pizza cannot be crispy, it’s raised crust must be soft to the mouth, easy to fold (a libretto). and will have minimal toppings for a balance of flavour. By using only fresh, all natural, non processed ingredients of top DOP certification, each slice allows you to notice every ingredient.

In true Neapolitan style, we only bake with hardwoods of oak or beech. Our pizzas are brought to the table uncut and can be enjoyed with a knife and fork or by hand. Just leave your passport at home to experience la Vera Pizza Napoletana in Dublin.


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What others are saying

“Forno 500° turns up the heat with a pizza just like Mamma made back in Naples”  Tom  Doorley – Daily Mail

“We are Neapolitans travelling for pleasure, Forno 500° was a standing ovation from the first to the last bite. TripAdvisor – Naples Italy

“Their pizza is what I expect when I’m back in Naples…I don’t miss home anymore because the guys at Forno 500° have really conquered me” – Naples Italy

“Forno 500° is certainly destined to absolute Neapolitan pizza glory! The pizza Napolitana was as legit as they come” TripAdvisor – Naples Italy


OPEN 7 DAYS – 12 noon till late – Closed Bank Holiday Monday

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SERVING LUNCHES 7 Days 12 noon til 3.30pm




Pizza di Napoli & Fresh Pastas available daily
Starts at 12 noon


Forno 500°’s Restaurant, Bar and Pizzeria Dublin