An exciting new Pizzeria in the heart of Dublin City. A new pizza experience using Ireland’s first bespoke Neapolitan pizza oven. Forno 500 Pizzeria commissioned three well respected Neapolitan artisans to fly to Dublin and build their famed oven brick by brick from the ground up….After almost 9 months of persuasion Forno 500 was born and is now serving the real DOP Margherita now approved by the Association Verace Pizza Napolitana (AVPN). Set in stylish comfort with ingredients imported from Naples including their chef.

“I love the flavour release from our Forno (oven). It can retain temperatures of 500 Degrees as real volcanic ash is packed into our low arch dome.  Built from authentic Calabrian stone, there is something very special about this oven which has been hand crafted right here in Dublin using ancient Neapolitan techniques and materials including volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius. The natural oak flavour release and searing heat is Naples best kept secret but can now be found in the heart of Dublin right next door to the Olympia Theatre.

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  1. We are Neapolitans traveling for pleasure, Forno 500° was a standing ovation from the first to the last bite. The pizza was amazing and the dough and everything else reminded us of the true atmosphere of our homeland.
    Mmuri97 Naples –

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