3 COURSE SET LUNCH 2023 €30.95



Goats Cheese Salad (V) – Goats cheese with mixed leaves, fresh beetroot, apple and walnuts & balsamic vinaigrette. 7,8,12

Zuppa Minestrone (V)(Vegan)- Homemade Italian bean and vegetable soup. 9

Bruschetta Sicilia (V)(Vegan)Home baked Forno 500º bread with sweet baby cherry tomatoes, basil & diced onion (v) 1,12

Arancini (V) – Deep fried rice balls in breadcrumbs, mozarella and Parmesan served with maranara sauce 1,3, 7, 9,12

Cozze con N’duja – Fresh mussels cooked with spicy n’duja sausage & datterini tomatoes. 1,2,12,14


Pollo con funghi e crema – Fresh chicken breast with mushroom, white wine & cream. Served with sauteed rosemary potatoes. 7,12

Spaghetti prawn e zucchini – Spaghetti pasta with fresh prawns, courgette & datterini tomatoes. 1,2,12

Penne All’Amatriciana – Penne pasta, smoked pancetta, tomato, red onion & white wine 1,3,9,12

Lasagne Vegetariana (V) – Layered pasta sheets with broccoli, spinach, courgette, & ricotta cheese. 1,3,7,9,12

Lasagne Tradizionale  – Bolognese ragu, bechamel salsa with layered fresh pasta sheets. 1,3,7,9,12

Pizza PiccanteSan Marzano DOP, Fior di Latte, n’duja, rocket, pecorino shavings 1,7,12

Pizza Caprese (V) San Marzano DOP, Fior di latte, cherry tomatoes, rocket, pesto, extra virgin olive oil (v) 1,7,8

Pizza Bufalina DOP (V) – San Marzano DOP, Buffalo mozzarella DOP, parmesan, basil, extra virgin olive oil (v) 1,7

Pizza Capricciosa – San Marzano DOP, Fior di latte, parmesan, mushrooms, salami, ham, olives, atichokes, extra virgin olive oil 1,7,12

Pizza Vegan Rustica (V)(Vegan) San Marzano DOP, roasted aubergines, cherry tomatoes, garlic, rocket leaves, toasted pine nuts, modena balsamic vinegar. 1,8,12

Pizza Forno 500 – San Marzano DOP, Fior di latte, meatballs, parmesan, pepper, extra virgin olive oil 1,7,8

Pizza 24 Month – San marzano DOP, fior di latte, 24 month Parma ham, rocket leaves, parmesan shavings, extra virgin olive oil 1,7,12

Modena – White pizza, fior di latte, mortadella & crushed pistachios. 1,7,8,12

4 Cheese (V) – White pizza, Fior di latte, emmental, auricchio & gorgonzola. 1,7,12


 Limoncello Sorbet  
Panna cotta  7,12
Tiramisu  1,3,7
Chocolate mousse 3,7

Discretionary 10% Service charge for groups of 5 adults or more

1=Barley, Wheat, Rye. 2= Crustaceans 3=Eggs 4=Fish 5=Peanuts 6=Soybeans 7=Milk 8=Tree Nuts. 9=Celery 10=Mustard.11=Sesame. 12=Sulphites. 13=lupin. 14=Molluscs.
Important: Our kitchen contains all 14 Allergens including nuts. Gluten free, Dairy free or peanut free items may be requested but cannot be fully guaranteed. We cater for lifestyle choice only, however for severe allergies we cannot guarantee kitchen separation.
*We regret we cannot separate bills*