Dessert €8.50


Fondant chocolate 1,3,7
Creme Brulee 1,3,7
Panna cotta 1,3,7
Affogato 3,7
Tiramisu 1,3,7,12
Chocolate Mousse 3,7


10% Service charge for groups of 5 adults or more
1=Barley, Wheat, Rye. 2= Crustaceans 3=Eggs 4=Fish 5=Peanuts 6=Soybeans 7=Milk 8=Tree Nuts. 9=Celery 10=Mustard.11=Sesame. 12=Sulphites. 13=lupin. 14=Molluscs.
Important: Our kitchen contains all 14 Allergens including nuts. Gluten free, Dairy free or peanut free items may be requested but cannot be fully guaranteed. We cater for lifestyle choice only, however for severe allergies we cannot guarantee kitchen separation.
*We regret we cannot separate bills for large groups*